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A pool I designed for a sloping site. The 3d visualisation was done with Google Sketchup. The pool enclosure is to be Stage 2.    more construction pics
My new (mobile friendly) website has more pools and Pool houses  I designed on tricky sloping sites including one Poolhouse and pool completely solar powered and heated.
If you are  thinking of putting in a pool or pool enclosure - email . I will make sure your pool suits your site and
integrates into your garden. An architect designed pool is the difference between a suit off the rack or one tailor made..... and the best bit is that if you
have your own plans you can shop around for the best price. 

Excavation started. An Engineering requirement was that the shell be founded on natural ground. This resulted in a shallow side and a deep side with a full length swimming lane 2.2m deep. The downhill side of the pool is  2.5m above ground level, giving elevated bushland views
Steel  up. A double cage of R12,s at 150 centres with a ring beam of R16's was used. A series of strip footings was put down before steel was put in place to key the pool into the slope.
Engineering was  by local firm Magryn and Assoc.
267 Brighton Rd. Somerton Park.                                                
Preliminary sketch of finished pool enclosure.
My final design was based on this sketch with a
few tweaks. A Steel Frame with aluminium window
infil panels and  a Bondor roof (self supporting
composite panel foam core with 2 colorbond skins
needing no roof structure or ceiling)

Shell finished. My plant room sits under the pool deck providing for quiet operation.

Ready to swim- Temporary fencing up & enclosing room still to be built.
Note the flower pots as rain shields until the top beams are welded on.