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Steel in a corrosive environment such as a swimming pool enclosure needs to be properly protected otherwise corrosion will ruin it within months. This steel was grit blasted and inorganic zinc silicate (grey in foreground)applied in the shop. On site I applied the subsequent coats to the beams with a roller in a wind protected well ventilated open verandah before the steel was lifted in place. 6 coats of epoxy paint were applied. The first 2 of primer (yellow) then 2 build coats (white) then the top coats for the colour and weather protection. The top coat I applied in two slightly different shades to make sure that the second coat was even and nothing missed. The green pad is needed to wash down the inorganic zinc silicate to remove the chalky salts that build up over time. Note that because the frame is welded I stopped the paint short of the ends of the steel beam so that it would not become heat effected and ruined. All joints needed to be ground down and an additional coat of epoxy zinc primer applied before the top six coats could be put on to these joints. This specification is similar to that used on oil rigs. It may seem overkill but it needs to last the life of the structure. Imagine having to paint this again once the roof cladding has been put on! The paint cost around $3000 all up. Wattyl prepared the specification for me. The paint MSDS required me to wear a respirator, goggles & gloves due to the cyanide compounds in the topcoat. The thinners for the two base coats were also quite poisonous and also required full safety gear including respirator. It may be inconvenient and hot but do not try this without the proper equipment. I poisoned myself using an isocyanate containing epoxy clear coat on a parquet floor years ago and can assure you that you do not want to take the risk
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This Architect Designed Pool in Outer Metropolitan Adelaide was an Owner Builder Project

I drew the plans and provided much of the labor myself, providing a cost saving of around 50%
This Swimming Pool is situated on a hill with a 1 in 3 fall. The site is tiered and over 50 stairs have to be negotiated from the street. Due to the difficulty of site access all materials had to be carried in by hand. The site was also excavated by hand. Provision for a fully enclosed glazed structure around the pool complicated the build by imposing additional structural requirements.
I designed a concrete shell as this could be used as footings for the room over. The structural Engineer advised to found the pool on natural ground.  This advice meant that some structural savings could be made. Instead of having to use piers, a series of strip footings could be used to key the pool into the hillside.  By following this concept the design of the pool became what is known in the industry as a "split level pool." This means that the depth increases from side to side rather than end to end. This has the advantage of giving a fairly continuous depth swimming lane for the entire length of the pool.
There were serious space constraints due to the existing house and garden layout, and an existing sewer easement at the rear of the property that had to be avoided. The room over is still under construction. If you live in Adelaide and are thinking of putting in a pool or pool enclosure - email  I will make sure your pool suits your site and integrates into your garden. An architect designed pool is the difference between a suit off the rack or one tailor made..... and the best bit is that if you have your own plans you can shop around for the best price.  
 Pool Type:             Spray Concrete shell - half in ground                 Pool Fitout:         Tiled spa & spill-edge, swimjets
 Pool Finish:           Qpebble (blue) and tiles                                     Pool Coping:       500x500 Quantum stone (grey)
 Pool Size:            8.8m x 3.8m x 2.2 deep                                    Pool Room Size:  11m x4.9m plus entry plus breezway
CONSTRUCTION TIME-LINE                                                        
June 2008:                    Building Approval                                                        
November 2008:          Footings Poured                                              
March 2009:                 Shell form-work and Reinforcement                   
April 2009:                   Concrete Sprayed                                                
December 2009:          Filled
March 2010:                 Epoxy paint to enclosure over finished                                Back to pool home page