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Many of my clients are owner builders. Although each project is individually tailored to suit that particular clients aesthetic there are some common recurring design constraints among owner builders.  This project is typical as it was designed for a small budget & ease of construction (as are most owner builder projects). The clients brief was maximize living space for as little cost as possible.  The owner wanted to lower the costs by performing the demolition &  providing his own labor during the build.  As I am a sole practitioner the person you speak to is the person actually performing the work....nothing is lost in translation and those special requests (often very important to owner builders) are reflected in the documents.  

The Existing House
The existing house comprised of 2 wings seperated by a small and rather barren outdoor area that was little more than Space Left Over  After Planning, or "SLOAP". This "U" shaped leftover space was situated in the perfect location to provide a second Living area that would link the Kitchen with the external entertaining areas.
This photo is shot from a similar spot to the bottom right hand photo below. The existing single sliding glass door and  adjacent wall nib was removed, the (Kitchen)window adjacent to it had the bricks below the sill removed to ground level as did the window in the fore-ground.
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                     Double Sliding Glass Doors
The end wall is enclosed by a set of double sliding glass doors. When the room is in Party Mode this provides an opening 2/3 the width of the room, linking the outdoor entertaining area to the house. Under normal daily use only one leaf


                     Feature Plasterboard Framing
The refurbished kitchen now opens out onto the new living room with a new conversation hob complete with display cabinet below. This opening is framed with plasterboard and painted by the owners in a feature (taupe)colour, providing a focal point to the room. The plasterboard framing discuises the steel-work needed to support the existing structure where the existing rear wall was removed