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Interior design is Integral to Architecture and should be considered from the early stages of a project.  Houses are to be lived in, as well as looked at and as such the goal is always to make a space as seductive as possible. Minimally furnished houses may look nice in magazines.... however they do not give any hint to the users personality, nor are they inviting spaces. Soft furnishings, art and built in furniture are as much a part of a design as the bricks and mortar as they provide the personality and emotional warmth. Without these things a house is just a shell, but with them it becomes a home.
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Bulkhead: An evaporative Airconditioner sits on the roof over this space. Raked ceilings leave no room for ducting, so a purpose built Plasterboard bulkhead was built to carry the air into the 3 adjacent rooms. Wall registers are built into both ends of the bulkhead as wall as the ceiling registers to the kitchen
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