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The Outdoor Room: Integration of Landscape and Architecture

A garden and house should be in harmony. The best result is when they are both designed with the other in mind.
In Adelaide, South Australia we have the perfect weather for outdoor living.  A well designed garden enhances the Alfresco experience. These outdoor rooms provide entertaining areas that connect you with the seasons.
Budget conscious garden design is easy if you do the work yourself. This garden is one example. The backbone of the garden is Australian native trees and bushes. The under-plantings have been chosen for hardiness. Most plant material (including the eucalyptus) has been grown from seed or cuttings and the paving is mainly recycled bricks, gravel and bark. This has left more money to spend on the feature areas such as the swimming pool.
Significant site-works were needed as the garden is on a 30 degree slope.  Much of the garden uses permapine logs as retaining walls and edges to beds. They have been used as they are cheap and quick to install. The aim has been to cover these and produce a naturalistic setting.
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This permapine tiered garden consists of a monoculture of African daisy groundcover with Algerian iris as a feature plant to add some definition and contrast half way up the slope. The thin gravel path which provides access to the row of espalied shiraz grapes behind is hidden from view by the iris. In summer the grapes provide some welcome shade. An added bonus is that the fresh vine leaves can be picked and stuffed and the grapes can be picked green to make veure juice or left to ripen and make a nice drop of home-made red.
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For those that are not inclined to do it themselves and I can recommend "RICK'S ADELAIDE LANDSCAPING SERVICES".   Rick will come on site for free quotes if you live in Adelaide or the Adelaide hills and will arrange a free Architectural / landscape consultation (by myself) for all jobs where the labor component exceeds a weeks work. Hourly rates from $39/hour make this an affordable option if you want a new Hard (paved) or Soft (planted) Landscape.  Rick's services include Design and installation of Patios, Paved areas, retaining walls, Garden paths, Garden beds and plantings, Irrigation system installation, Mulching, Garden make-overs, & General maintenance.
Rick can be contacted on 0448653184 or Email