Sketch Design for a new Garage and Sun Lobby


The brief for this project was new Garaging space for him and a new meet and greet space for her Cottage industry business. The existing building was well set back from the street and 2 existing semi enclosed carports in front of the residence helped circumvent Planning regulations that usually prevent a Garage being located in front of the main dwelling.

Planning Approval  was granted for this design.


An example of  a traditional 2d Cad Sketch Design is shown below

A typical sketch design will show the before and after of the Street Elevation and any other  elevation of interest. The proposed plan will show furnishing layout to ensure that the space suits the clients needs and that nothing is forgotten. As this is drawn using CAD this drawing is re-usable and forms the basis of the next stage which is the Planning Approval Drawing




The main elevation of interest can be shown at a larger scale to more fully show the client what they are getting.  A CAD drawing is accurate and once drawn can be shown at any scale. This means that the  Sketch design drawings can be re-used. These are easily converted into a Planning Approval Drawing for Council by simply adding in  supplementary information


A Measured Survey is my first task. This is used to draw the existing house accurately in plan and Elevation and then used as a basis for the proposal

2d or 3d?


A sketch design can also include a 3d CAD model. For cost reasons this is usually only undertaken when the Client cannot visualize the 2d line drawings or there are some complicated issues such as sloping sites or overshadowing. A 3d model will cost around $1500 but is money well spent if it resolves problems