Streetscape Character drawing  for Planning Consent


This client wanted to  increase the size of  his existing Garage by building out towards the street. This is usually  not allowed by Council as the proscriptive rule is that the main dwelling should be at least 500mm in front of the Garage.


An Existing Streetscape Character Plan was drawn up showing the locations of the existing garaging for the surrounding dwellings.  Most of these were even more prominent that the one the Client was proposing. Proscriptive Planning rulings by Councils may be overturned if it can be proven that the proposed addition will  fit in with the surrounding Streetscape.


An example of  a preliminary site investigation is shown below

Sometimes you just cannot do what you want. Council Planning Regulations are made to protect the visual amenity of the area. Unfortunately this often means that what Clients want are at odds with these Proscriptive rulings. In these cases Preliminary work on planning issues (such as this Streetscape Character Plan) is advised before the Sketch Design Stage is started.