The brief was for a new bedroom and day-spa style Ensuite for her and a cellar for him. The new bedroom is to be accessed via the wet areas


The new Cellar under the Wet area will be accessed from the existing house (painted face brick) via a new timber deck and privacy screen.


The building is articulated at the wet areas by using natural cedar shiplap as the cladding on the side facing the neighbors. On the opposite side full height glass is used to similar effect.


A separate lowered skillion roof over the Wet area helps define the separate areas and link old with new.

A palette of simple natural materials was chosen. Cedar shiplap and off-form concrete form the walls.


 The floors are Polished concrete with selected 10mm aggregate highlights


The underside of the eaves and the ceiling are on one plane forming a continuous timber surface that adds some visual warmth. A whimsical touch of color to the fascia helps define the individual roof planes