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My business "Grant Lucas Architect" is based in the Adelaide Metro Area. I undertake any sort of Architectural work from Pergolas to Shopping centres, but my bread and butter is house Extensions and New homes in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills and Southern regions. I studied Landscape design in my first degree & as I have a passion for gardening and particularly like Architectural spaces that blur the boundaries of inside and outside. Pools, Pool enclosures, Alfresco rooms are a speciality.
This (my original) website was constructed 10 years ago, so if you just want to look at pictures of some of my recent work then my mobile friendly portfolio of recent Residential Projects is worth looking at.  If you do not know exactly what an Architect does, what Planning and  Building Approval consists of, what a set of documents look like and how much Architects charge, or what  the approximate costs of designing and building using an Architect are then you should spend some time looking through my site.  Alternately just give me a call & I can talk you through the process.   

Some Recent Projects by local Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas

Pictures of some recent new homes and house extensions by Grant Lucas Architect in Adelaide and nearby country SA locations
Extension to Country Home
Extension to Stone Cottage at Crafers West using reclaimed stone. Almost finished (2017)
Extension to Crafers Cottage: Interior
Extension to Stone Cottage at Crafers West: Kitchen Viewed From Living Room
Rural Home Extension Crafers West
Living Room Viewed From Entry: Custom Jarrah Bifolds' take advantage of the view.
photo of Adelaide Architects house    
New Upper Floor Extension Seacombe Heights: Blurring Boundaries Between Inside and Outside
photo of Adelaide Architects pool
New Pool & Deck Seacombe Heights, Adelaide: Integrating Landscape with Built Form
3d image of House Extension by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
House Extension at Marion: 3d Visualization at Sketch Design Phase 2013
  photo of House Extension by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas
House extension at Marion: Building phase (March 2014)
House extension at Marion with verandah. Showing the build almost complete
House extension at Marion: Building phase almost complete (Jan 2015)
House Extension at Marion SA
House Extension at Marion: Garden Established and Verandah furnished as Outdoor room (2017)
3d image of House at Kuipto by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
New Rural House (Kuipto):  3d visualization at sketch design phase
Photo of House at Kuipto by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
New Rural House (Kuipto): Building phase almost complete
planning approval perpective for Investment House at Noarlunga
 New modified project home for subdivision & resale: 3d Planning Approval Image: Just started Construction March 2014
Perpective for Dream House at Noarlunga
New Dream-House on Subdivided block at Noarlunga: 3D Planning approval image. Awaiting Development Approval
3d image of Dream House at Noarlunga by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas
New Dream-House on Subdivided block at Noarlunga: N.W. 3D image.  Planning approval granted & awaiting D.A.
3d Sketch of Dream House at Noarlunga N. W. view by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
New Dream-House on Subdivided block at Noarlunga:  N.E. 3D image used for Planning approval. Awaiting D.A
3d Sketch of Country House at Clarendon Front view by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
New Country House (Clarendon): Front 3d visualization- Planning Approval Granted & awaiting D.A.
3d Sketch of Country House at Clarendon Rear view by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas 
New Country House (Clarendon): Rear 3d visualization at sketch design phase 2014
Perpective of New House at Crafers, Adelaide SA by Architect Grant Lucas: Front view
New Country House (Crafers): Front elevation at sketch design phase Dec 2014
Interested? Email me or call my land-line on 08 8296 0759

What makes a good Architect?

 To be good at Architecture you need to know how things need to be able to see the overview as well as the small detail. Essentials are good construction knowledge mixed with a little creative flair and the ability to communicate your ideas concisely. Experience and a body of previous work is important. If you are thinking of engaging an Architect, talk to their previous customers and clients and look at their current work.
Old Architects have more experience. It is the one area in life that I find age is an asset. We've seen trends come and go & we know how things are put together... what works & what does not.  To be a good Architect you need to know a little about every trade as well as understanding how the trades work with each other.  A good Architect also knows about Legal matters & understands building contracts and Insurance. If you want good value for your money during the build it is important to select an Architect that knows how Builders operate and how the various Government legislation's affect the building Industry. Using the right contract & using an Architect to administer that contract will ensure that you get a fair deal with your builder. The ABIC (Australian building and construction industry) simple works contract is specifically written for an Architect to Administer the contract between Client & Builder.  It is costly at over $200, but it is fair on all parties

Low business overheads are passed on to my clients

Sole Practitioners typically have low overheads (no employee costs).  A small home office helps reduces costs even more. Advertising however can be more expensive as there is no-one else to share it with. As my business model is about providing good value for money services at good rates I need to do my own marketing to keep costs down.  The money I save in marketing costs allows me to offer competitive hourly rates.  This in turn allows for more Design time & more thorough documentation for the same fee.

Adelaide Architects

These days to run a business successfully it isn't enough to be good at what you do.   High placement in search engine searches and more specifically in Google Searches is imperative. 80% of people don't bother to look past the first page of Google when searching.   Marketing as Adelaide Architects helps me achieve this.  I registered the business name "Adelaide Architects" here in South Australia years ago to even the playing field between my business and those businesses that pay money for search engine Ranking. "Adelaide Architects" is an exact match Domain name business I run to increase the public visibility and Googleability (is that a word?) of my business "Grant Lucas Architect". The business "Adelaide Architects" is myself and a few sole practitioner friends (Architects hang out with Architects) marketing here in Adelaide through the internet domain name  

Adelaide Architects Visibility on Google

To find new clients one has to be visible on Google. This is Business reality in 2014. Paying heaps of money to an SEO firm to get high placement in Google and paying for expensive advertising is not conducive to keeping business costs down.  The tricky thing about Google is that it is a business. It makes money from advertising, which means there is a compromise when it comes to highly searched terms.  My business "Grant Lucas Architect" ranks top locally on Google for around 100 search terms....  I get this by good web content and a transparent business model. The problem is that the most obvious phrase used searching for an Architect in Adelaide is "Adelaide Architect" (or Architect Adelaide). Obviously this means there is a lot of competition for this phrase.  It is hard to undercut the competition if you are paying up to $500 a month (I was actually quoted this price by a SEO firm) for the privilege of being on Google's front page for just one search term. Even then one keystroke difference on a search query may be the difference of being found or not. Google actually distinguishes between "Adelaide Architect" & "Architect Adelaide" as well as plural versions "Adelaide Architects" and "Architects Adelaide".

Adelaide Architects, Google and Advertising

If you search any of the popular terms containing the words "Architect" and "Adelaide" you will get results that are mainly the result of Architectural firms advertising budget size. To keep on the top page for top Google search phrases like these you can either provide good content or pay for results. If you pay for Adwords (Googles own advertising) you pay for each time someone clicks on the Advertised link. This can easily be more than $2 a click. You can also pay for SEO. SEO breaks down into 2 main categories.  The honest way, through content titles, metadata keywords and quality links, or pay for "Black Hat" SEO (analogy of the bad wizard) which is about getting high placement through trickery such as Re-directs (ever typed in something to google & gotten a completely unrelated result), invisible text (white text on a white background), tiny text  too small to see, buying links, or siphoning  link juice from other sites. I've taken the middle road. I spent a little time to find how Google worked (my blog covers this if you are interested) & then I played by their rules doing my own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  I may not be top, but I am still able to be found somewhere between page 1 and page 5.... & I'm not paying a fortune to be there.
Interested? Email me or call my land-line on 08 8296 0759  

Grant Lucas Architect
Ph:    08 8296 0759
mob: 0408084243
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Adelaide S.A.

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